We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.







I have fruit polos and lollypops be jealous.

omg do many people not know what fruit polos are? they are heaven




In America, we call them lifesavers. They can be chewy or hard candy. 

polos aren’t chewy and they also come in mint.



this week on: britan thinks its special

“You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.”

Eliezer Yudkowsky  (via januaryist)


the hunger games aren’t amazingly unique or flawless or anything but I think katniss as a character is very important and i think the media misunderstands

we aren’t in it for the cute boys. we’re in it for katniss. thousands of young girls were introduced to an introverted, angry girl born into poverty and watched her become the savior of the world and the media doesn’t seem to understand that she, as a character, is important to girls. not who she dates, but her



Muslim woman covered the yellow star of her Jewish neighbour with her veil on the streets of Sarajevo in 1941 [x]

For those interested, more information about the people in this photo can be read here.

Mustafa and Zejneba Hardaga welcomed the Kavilio family, Jewish refugees who had escaped Sarajevo, when the Germans invaded in 1941. The Hardagas were a traditional Muslim family, and despite their custom for women to cover their faces in front of strangers, the Hardaga women were not obliged to cover their faces in the presence of the Kavilios. They were greeted as family in the Hardaga home. 

The Kavilios stayed with the Hardagas for a short while until Josef Kavilio was able to move his wife and children to a safer area under Italian rule. Kavilio himself stayed behind to liquidate his business, but eventually was arrested, imprisoned, and forced into slave labour. Zejneba Hardaga, the wife of Mustafa, who discovered where Kavilio was working, would regularly bring food to the prisoners. Josef Kavilio eventually escaped and returned to the Hardaga home. Though the Kavilio family had to flee yet again before the war ended, they eventually reunited and returned to Sarajevo in 1945, staying with the Hardagas until they could find a place of their own. The Hardagas continuously risked their own lives to save this family that they considered their own.

Midday in the Crimea, 1905-10, Nikolay Dubovskoy


"only boring people are bored"

sorry i’m not willy wonka with an all-access pass to the land of pure imagination